Martin Wells

We went along to look at a Range Rover and we were greeted by Luke, we
were allowed to look at the car in peace and quiet with only the odd "let
me know if you need any help" from Luke.
We decided to go away and think about it and expected some pressure to buy
on the day but there was none.
We called later to confirm we would like to proceed with the purchase of
the car but with a list of conditions which the sales team agreed to.
We turned up on the day to complete the sale which included a part
exchange, this went very smoothly and Luke even transfered my personalised
number plates from the old car to the new one.
All emails were answered promply and all the staff seemed friendly and
helpful but a big thank you to Luke who could not have been more helpful
and accommodating in his dealings with us and I would not hesitate to
recommenend Berkshire Specialist Cars to anyone


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